Our Story

ScaleForProfit.com is owned by PLSR Professional Services (India). SVRK Professional Services is our USA entity. Our professional services include Web Design, Digital Marketing, Business Consulting, Data Analytics and more. We aim  at optimising scale for maximising profits. 

Our team includes business, IT and marketing experts. Founders of this company have professional experience of over 10 years working for USA businesses and government entities. Now serving India along with USA allows us to cherish synergies between India and USA. We follow only best practices for the best value. We understand your mission and work to checkmate it !!!

Our experience ranges from working for startups to USA Fortune 15 corporate and for USA state governments. We have audited performance and financials of businesses and government projects in USA. Improving business bottomline has always been at the core of all our jobs. Traditional business models to advanced tools, we have played with all.

Our Motivation

Internet, IT and web are some words that have become very important for most companies. Infrastructure of a business needs to be scaled up to include Information Technology incorporation and online presence or Internet Estate capture. Compared to couple decades ago, today Internet provides a disruptive channel of engagement not only with customers but also other business facets. It serves to not only connect to your audience, but also to showcase yourself digitally. A website forming the core of online marketing for any company, is a highly valuable asset.

Online marketing and web development has been our passion for long. This is also one of the most shady fields, where plagiarism, non-performance and opaque deals are very common. Seeing lack of many genuine Web and Internet marketing companies, we decided to be one.

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