Social Media Marketing

Setup and manage social media account profiles (page and/or group) and create invites for most engaged audience members. Strategise content types and timings such as how to infographics, industrial facts, news, interviews, video tutorial, Q&A’s, testimonials, etc. Monitor and analyze organic reach to build presence and authority. Respond to social media followers on queries.

email Marketing

Prepare custom email newsletters with content and images to be sent out to existing client segmentation. Manage leads data – generate, remove, research, categorize and add attributes to leads data. Run multiple email campaigns to reach different segment audiences with personal touch and expand business reach. Analyze data collected from email campaigns for valuable performance insights.

Content Creation

Perform analysis of content platforms for optimum use of multiple media like website, Youtube, social media pages. Generate content ideas, generate different content types, and guest blogging. Build keyword list, research audience and understanding keyword metrics to write headlines & title tags, improve meta tags, SEO Friendly URLs. Perform effective keyword analysis to ensure keywords are utilized to its full potential to optimize content.

Digital Marketing Services For Maximum Sales

Once you have a website, it needs digital marketing to target a suitable audience. SEO, social media marketing, offsite link building, website health maintenance and Cost-Per-Click are most effective ways of digital marketing. Comprehensive competitive analysis and website health check-up is usually the first step for any new project. It is followed by brainstorming for defining product USPs (Unique Selling Points), value proposals and target audience. Then we design a client specific digital marketing strategy based on the desired timelines and budgets. 

To be a one stop service provider for our clients, we do everything about Online Marketing. Investing in advanced Internet Marketing tools like Keyword research tools or website health check tools help with our efforts. We strive for effective and efficient traffic, meaning traffic that converts and converts at a profitable rate. 

We do not buy shady backlinks or copy other’s content, those shortcuts can be very harmful. Thus, brand strategy to content ideas are all our own. 

Finally, we believe an impact on the financial bottomline is of THE utmost importance. Our business and financial expertise help us understand your company’s goals, opportunities and problems. From Google Analytics to Facebook Pixel, we will use all ways to measure market performance for custom and unique customer experiences. 

Digital Marketing Services For Better Profits

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