Social media is becoming one integral aspect of the daily life of individuals around the globe. People are glued to it. Logging in along with checking their feeds and receiving likes on these platforms and they were created that way.

So the reader may be thinking, if they are one startup eCommerce brand, how can they achieve more brand loyalty and grow sales and followers? Well, we talked to many eCommerce and Instagram consultants and have managed to obtain more than a handful of followers to their Instagram accounts via one array of ways. Such as

  • Engagement Groups and Influencer marketing on Instagram.
  • Contests and giveaways.
  • Instagram shoutouts.
  • Instagram Feed and Story ads.

They have given the readers a couple of advice on how online startups can utilize Instagram.  

Here are the methods an entrepreneurship business can grow sales along with growing its brand utilizing Instagram.

Instagram Shoutouts

One easy, straightforward message to one huge Instagram page requesting their prices regarding shoutout is going to offer business owners the direction they require to promote their products or services on their Instagram page. They can get their products placed on pages with hundreds of thousands of followers and grow sales for often reasonable prices if they know the correct pages.   

Instagram Influencers

Brands such as Fashion Nova and HiSmile have maximized their presence by utilizing influences on social media, such as Conor McGregor and Kylie Jenner. One is going to have to operate their pathway up with the assistants of influencer marketing there in the presence of influencers with only 10k followers or so. Yet they have to start from somewhere.

Instagram Live

One must make sure to live stream on Instagram a minimum of once every seven days to keep their followers updated with their page. Be sure to conduct question and answer sessions, numerous contests, and giveaways the business owner feels would do great in life.

Instagram Stories

One must post their Instagram story each day. Once a business owner hits 10k followers, they are going to be capable of involving links through a swipe up in their stories which then can lead their customers directly to numerous product pages. 

Instagram encourages live video, especially from other kinds of content. Existing followers get notifications when their Instagram notifications are switched on, along with living videos endorsed in one devoted live video explore tab. That can be one fantastic method for marketers on social media to rapidly uplift the account’s reach.   

Encourage User-Generated Content

UGC or User-generated content is one fantastic method to showcase social evidence while distributing compelling content. Many highly regarded businesses involving Mercedes-Benz regularly distribute User-generated content on social media for those reasons.

To Sum It Up 

Those who are interested in increasing their follower count on Instagram have a ton of tried and tested tactics in their hands. Any business owner must not forget that the vast majority of influencer marketing on Instagram tells one consistent brand story via an array of carefully generated and closely evaluated content fragments.


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