Bookkeeping depicts a company’s financial performance. Assessing earnings and keeping accounting records are essential for every minor or major firm to keep a record of its economic standing. Complex situations, large operating budgets, more clients and massive ledger data are all part of the financial accounting manipulations. As the company expands, it runs into problems managing large accounting records and finding sufficient tools. Sound financial recordkeeping combined with the correct accounting app results in a simple, proactive and effective bookkeeping system. 

In this article, we will make a list of accounting software with various features to help you pick the best one. 

1. Realbooks

Realbooks is among India’s most popular and effective free bookkeeping software.

It is really scalable and competent in processing thousands of transactions on its own system, making it ideal for organizations and professionals.

Realbooks accounting app also offers a bi solution that has been redesigned for small to very large businesses. Using MIS, KPIs and Dashboards, you get accessibility to all the statistics and numbers you need for your basic accounting purposes.


  • Every transaction has documentation attached
  • Large transaction rate – highly scalable 
  • Limitless simultaneous users and businesses
  • Migration between Tally or other accounting systems is simple
  • Customer loyalty is high

2. Zohobooks

The second one on our list of accounting software is ZohoBooks. It is an online accounting software well-known in India for its automated processes and ease of use.

You can manage your accounts, streamline company procedures and collaborate among divisions with ZohoBooks. Finance components like receivables, accounts payable, inventories, bank, invoicing, contact forms and reports are included in Zoho Books. As a result, Zoho Books is unquestionably one of India’s greatest accounting software packages, with over 40 software to help you grow your business. You may combine the accounting system with additional programs when your company expands.

This free bookkeeping software automates all accounting processes for you, from arranging transactions to generating sales reports and invoicing so that you can make more sales.

Connecting the GST site to your accounting system via an API may produce GST bills, determine your tax due and complete your tax filings immediately.


  • End to end accounting
  • Platform integration
  • GST compliance
  • Prepare consignment e-way bills

3. Quickbooks

Quickbooks is online accounting software for smaller companies in India that incorporates elements like personalized reporting, invoicing and online banking. Quickbooks also make it possible to run your business and keep it organized from any location or on any device.

One can quickly produce and deliver personalized business invoices, financial documents and estimations. The online banking connection function in this free bookkeeping software lets you immediately refresh your statements and transactions.

With customizable reports and dashboards, users can observe how their organization is progressing in real-time.


  • Unlimited support
  • Your QuickBooks membership also includes access to mobile apps
  • Roles and permissions give you complete control over your books


In this article, we made a list of accounting software best for Indian users. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there is Tally.ERP9, Vyapar, Marg ERP +9 etc. Each online accounting software comes with unique features suitable for various kinds of business. At the end of the day, you must choose one that suits your purpose best. There is nothing like the best accounting app, only the one that is best for your business.


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