Shareholders and dividend holders of all kinds can benefit from Economic Times. It is one long standing and well-known news outlet, especially when it comes to the critical updates on the Indian and global economy. For decades now, this organization has been monitoring the complex ups and downs of the stock market. Hence, they can offer numerous resources to evaluate information alongwith distributing reports. Any stockholder can utilize their reports and analytics to construct a solid and sustainable concept on the stock market rapidly. 

For the longest time, Economic Times has made itself easily accessible and simply understood by all kinds of readers. They publish daily updates on any and every fluctuation of NSE, BSE, Sensex and Nifty, along with many other essential aspects. Their premium program is accessible for purchase only at 150 rupees per month per user (2-year subscription bill amount is Rs 3599). 

What are the most vital stock market intelligence features for shareholders?

Stock Reports Plus

Stock Reports Plus is one company-specific and comprehensive analysis that involves Hindi stock market ratings. It is formulated on valued assessment of 6 components, which are risks, fundamentals, earnings, relative valuation and price momentum.

These reports on the Hindi stock market are renewed daily, along with scores for each of the stocks that are updated once every seven days on Sundays. In rare instances, the scores are estimated again during the week when a calculation error or data issue is discovered.
Every score or the Hindi stock market ratings is estimated differently by utilizing alternative methodologies. Individual aspects varies across investment styles, industries and market capitalization. Recommendations and scores are formulated solely based on the Hindi stock market data. Along with the statistics on scale of 1 to 10, where ten is most favorable.


Supportive Stock Reports

Proprietary scores of stock on price and risk momentum relative to valuation fundamentals and earnings, one can make decisions regarding investments more efficiently, as per the review of Economic Times
They can also find fresh trading ideas in the presence of updated scores every week, along with analysts anticipation on preliminary data points. Any and every current or potential stock holder can evaluate any brand and its contemporaries through Hindi stock market ratings and independent researchers.

Rich and Sharp Insight

As per the review of Economic Times, exclusive and in-depth coverage and analysis across a ton of industries helps to assist individuals in staying informed.

  • BFSI and Fintech 

Individuals and technology push the world of money.

  • Energy 

The business and policy of clean energy and fossil fuels.

To sum it up 

Renowned for its originality, Economic Times puts across India’s most pressing analytics and opinions. They are all relevant to any individual who is operating in a business each day. 

This review of Economic Times for Hindi readers showcases that it provides the most intensive and most comprehensive coverage of markets and business, intelligent and sharp coverage of technology, sports and cutting-edge politics articles on startups and disruption.


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